About the author

My name is Sławomir Janus. I experiment with sound since many years. As a musician I play world percussion, xylophone, balafon, waterphone, edge blown flutes - Turkish ney and kaval. I play many different musical instruments many of which I have built myself. I have been travelling to distant places and meet amazing musicians, musical instruments and playing techniques. I have learnt a lot while playing in many different bands and projects.
As an instrument builder I should mention about my other website. There you can watch my waterphone works waterphone.pl.
I was fascinated by computers since early childhood. I went through 8-bit Atari computers, Amiga and ancient PC's. I wrote my first code when I was ten maybe that is why I have finished the computer science... Now I'm joining two passions into one project. Here I will share my digital works as Soundyan. It is the technological side of myself.

I am surprised to have such positive feedback and for sure I will continue this work. Thank you!

Audio plugins - AU, VST3, Standalone

Interstellar Waterphone

Virtual waterphone instrument

  • Three different waterphones captured in multi microphone recordings
  • Sound parameters controll
  • Full parameters automation
  • 1 GB of samples in 24 bits
  • Programmable "Virtual Bow" MIDI controller
  • comes as a VST3, AU and Standalone application
  • Price: $76.00



Realistic virtual Kalimba instrument

  • Rich and natural sound of kalimba and zanza instruments.
  • Multi dynamic sample layering and alternate sounds on each layer
  • Two independent sample library modes
  • Sound parameters automation
  • 1,3 GB of audio samples in 24 bits
  • comes as a VST3, AU and Standalone application
  • Price: Discount
    $30.00 Now $23.10