Interstellar Waterphone

Extraordinary waterphone instrument goes virtual.
One of the best waterphone plugins available.

  • Three different waterphones captured in multi microphone recordings
  • Sound parameters controll
  • Full parameters automation
  • 1 GB of samples in 24 bits
  • Programmable "Virtual Bow" MIDI controller
  • comes as a VST3, AU and Standalone application
  • Price: $76.00


Zanza & Kalimba

Two different kalimbas in one plugin

  • Rich and natural sound of kalimba and zanza instruments.
  • Multi dynamic sample layering and alternate sounds on each layer
  • Two independent sample library modes
  • Sound parameters automation
  • 1,3 GB of audio samples in 24 bits
  • comes as a VST3, AU and Standalone application
  • Price: $30.00


About the author

The sound is my passion since childhood. I always knew it is special and I have spent hours with music. I've been playing, learning, exploring the sounds and multiple musical devices. Always building the instruments I was particularly attracted to. I have build numerous instruments including waterphones, drums, kalimbas, xylophones, balafons, kaval flutes and more.
I have reached quite spectacular results with a waterphone sound but I keep exploring further. Check my waterphone website
Not long ago I have started to transplant my instrument building knowledge into virtual instruments area, creating first plugins with support of some great audio engineers.
Sławek Janus

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