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macOS & Windows 64 bit .
VST3, AU, Standalone



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Features You'll Love.

The Soundyan's Interstellar Waterphone is an extraordinary instrument plugin with dozens of amazing sounds captured in high detail.

It is a perfect addition to a movie score and music production tool. It creates exceptional soundscapes and acoustic plate-like reverberation. The samples are great and have been captured in detail by the help of extraordinary equipment. The Interstellar Waterphone has multiple parameters which can be controlled by a DAW software using automation or it's own automation controll.

Three different Interstellar Waterphones were recorded using the high-end equipment to make an audio source for this plugin. Sounds last long until they vanish into the silence, the average sample length is 30 seconds.

The package contains : VST3 plugin (Mac/Windows), AU plugin (Mac) and a Standalone application for both platforms. Only 64-bit CPU


Unique sounds recorded on professional equipment suited for cinematic recordings.

The sounds of the waterphone are very complex. They have sharp transients and long reverberating sustain which is very subtle and rich with harmonics. These sounds are singing and enchanting but also thunder-striking and whispering in the next moment.


Controll over sound by multiple parameters

The Interstellar Waterphone plugin has many diferent parameters for sound controll

  • Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release envelope
  • Sample start offset
  • Low-pass and high-pass filters

Virtual Bow

Interstellar Waterphone has a "Virtual Bow" knob, that can play sounds and generate midi data, that will go out of your plugin and can be recorded by a DAW software.

  • Steps
  • Offset
  • Bow velocity
  • Velocity randomness


Automation learning

You can effectively and easy assign the Interstellar Waterphone knobs to receive certain MIDI CC messages from your MIDI controller. It works in standalone application and in some DAW's, for example this feature works in Reaper so it isn't disabled in the plugin version but it's primarly designed and reccomended for the standalone application use.


System requirements

Operating system

  • 64-bit Windows 7 or higher, Windows 10 is recommended
  • macOS versions 10.12 or higher, x86/ARM
    Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM, 1 GB of disk space


Six Sound Banks

  • 1 - "Interstellar Water"
  • 2 - "Dry Space"
  • 3 - "Dark Chimes
  • 4 - "Light Path"
  • 5 - "Full Proximity"
  • 6 - "Slow Voltage"
Sound set - "Interstellar Water"

Sound set - "Low Voltage"
Resampled from hi-res 100kHz microphone set of sounds

The MTS-ESP is a global microtuning system for a DAW environment. There is a free version of the MTS-ESP Master plugin and the Suite version which is a fantastic tool for dynamic, on the fly microtuning, scale morphing etc..
It was designed by ODDSOUND in cooperation with Richard James, known as Aphex Twin. Go for details -
This wonderful versatile, microtonal, musical scale building facility is the perfect extension to Interstellar Waterphone and other MTS-ESP compatible plugins.

Automation CC included
Every parameter ready for automation within standalone plugin or DAW


Soundyan's Interstellar Waterphone 1.2

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VST3 , AU & Standalone application Windows 64 bit, macOS x86/ARM


Download Interstellar Waterphone 1.2

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Full version price includes future UPDATES of this version. The users shall be informad about updates unless they will inform us that they do not want any mail about this product updates.

There is no 32-bit version yet. Only 64 bit at the moment. MacOS version is for both x86 and ARM processors.

Download - version 1.2 released 29.03.2021 - Pitch bend added, MTS-ESP support. Several bug fixes.

Windows 64-bit macOS (x86_64/ARM64)

Microsoft Windows Defender will probably manifest itself and this is normal when the software is very fresh. When Windows Defender pops out, shouting that it has protected your PC, just click 'More info' and 'Run anyway'
This software is code signed and you can check the certificate. It is signed to my name which is Slawomir Janus. It is also easy to check. Right click on IWSetup.exe file and then click Properties / Signing. If you are still worried about your digital safety, please use any antivirus software to scan the Installer (IWSetup.exe) before running it, just to stay calm.
Preferably DO NOT USE the Microsoft Edge browser to download this software. Use Firefox or Chrome instead. This way hopefully there will be less Windows Defender panic in the world.